Improvisation Dance

Welcome to I âme, my name is Lucie Baudon, French with Greek roots, I am passionate about dance improvisation since I am child. It always have been my way of expressing myself. I first learned it intuitively before getting ideas and inputs from teachers.

I have been teaching improvisation regularly for the last 10 years to people curious to dance closer to their feelings and sensations.

People like life coaches, therapists, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, associations, enterprises, nordic walkers, and artists. People who find value in learning to get to know and respect their bodies more in a pleasurable and playful way. 

Picture took by Gaelle Lasne

in 2017, I wrote a wellbeing game which get published with Jouvence and I regularly post dance videos you can find on Instagram @luciebaudon and youtube.

My main sources of inspiration are contemporary dance especially Butoh and Gaga dance. But also a meditative practice called circling which inspires me in many ways.

To have an idea of my style, here is a video clip I codirected, danced, and choreographed :