Flow Dance

Welcome to I âme,  my name is Lucie Baudon, I am French with Greek roots and moved in Amsterdam recently. I have been dancing my whole life and have been teaching for the last 10 years to Lifecoaches, therapists, body workers, yoga teachers and artists.

I am the author of a wellbeing game, I write regulary for a wellbeing publisher and I produce dance videos you can find on youtube.
picture by Gaëlle Lasne

Imagine if you could move in a relaxed way, where each movement you make feels more connected with your authentic experiences, positive and negative, that you are simply moving as you feel without pushing yourself to conform in any certain way, that each of your movements brings you closer to whoever you are at your core.

What would it be like ?

As you may have understood, I don’t teach any techniques but help people in getting better at :

  • being intimate with their sensations and emotions
  • move with pleasure
  • feel connected to their environment, someone or a music

    If this is something that speaks to you, you may :

    – Join my Dance classes and workshops

    – Schedule a private class with me for 60 euros/h (for up to 6 people)

    – check my youtube channel


to get an idea of how I teach you may want to watch this video :