Meet ourselves through the other


Taking the time to feel what the other tell about us.

What parts of us feels alive in relation with others ?

What if there were an another layer underneath our reactivity ?

What if underneath there were a deep desire to meet ourselves through the other ?

Lately I felt a need to be seen in my capacity of being autonomous.

Once fully present to it I could see how much I actualy needed others, to reveal myself, to support me, to share, to be delighted…

From this place, doing things to be seen as autonomous does’nt make any sense.

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This is how I asked myself the following question : What would I like to do for me and others ?

I rested in this question for a moment…

And I started to think about what I like to do for myself.

>>> I like to allow myself to be, to make mistakes, to change my mind, to live my emotions, to be scared, to be protective of myself, to be intimidated, to denfend myself, to justify myself, to be clumsy, to honor my limits, not to do anything, to rest, to ask for help, to apologize, to contemplate life, to appreciate fully the little things that warms my heart…

And I realised that what I am doing for me, I am doing it for others too. Because naturaly I facilitate this allowance to the people around me and this is actualy this allowance to Be which is very close to my heart to transmit.

When I allow myself to fully meet me through the other, I allow the other to meet himself. And when I see it happening, often tears of joy comes up.

giphy (2).gif

How about you ?
What would you like to do for yourself and others ?

NB : I am very curious to know your answer, if this question talks to you and inspire you feel free to leave a comment below

💖 Lucie

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