The power of authenticity in romantic relationships


I love talking about romantic relationships cause it is the area of my life where I felt the most challenged and where I learned the most.

I feel so gratefull for where I am right now that I want to share what helped me. 

First of all I want to explain what authenticity means for me.

For me, being authentic is not saying to someone whatever come through my mind and heart.

It’s about discerning my needs, desires, longings, judgements, assumptions, projections, boundaries… And honoring them by expressing it to the other.


And when I express it my intention is to stay open and curious on the other perspecitve which might be completlely different of what I thought.

Here some questions I asked myself which helped me get more clarity and power back  :

What do you deeply long for in a romatic relationship ?

  • freedom – How can you allow yourself this freedom ? What do you need to check with the other to feel free ?
  • trust – Do you trust and honnor your feelings / intuitions / fears / boundaries … ? Again what do you need to check or express with the other to feel more trust ?
  • support – Which kind of support do you need ? Around which subject ? Do you trust this person to be the best option around you to support you on that ?
  • romantic moments – What is a romantic moment for you ? Which secret ingredients do you need for the magic to happen ? What makes you vibrate or feel alive with the other? How about your partner ?
  • inspiration – What do you need to feel inspire ? What interest you right now ? Do you trust it ?


Because from experience, I know that it’s not easy to be authentic with someone you love and that you are afraid to lose, I recomand the practice of circling which is the deepest and the most free I know which helped me a lot.

🙂 ❤



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