Post-travel Hangover



I woke up this morning exhausted, exhausted to do things that I don’t want to do. Convinced that I should do all this things that I don’t want to do, I forget to think about what I do want. 

So I ask myself the question :

What would you like ?

I take a moment to listen what comes up without juging it. And to my surprise what came up was : « I would like to meet new people and show them my beauty, my talents and my knowledge. I need to be seen for who I am now. »

I notice that I can easily integrate my transformations while meeting new people because they have no ideas of how I were before. And it is very pleasent cause I feel free to show up as I am now.

That’s what could easily happened during my travel… It was much easier to allow myself to explore new desires, interests, beliefs and overcome prejudices.

My challenge today is to bring my « upgrade » and to continue to be as open minded as I am during my trips when I come back home.

Eventhough the upgrade is there anyway, I have the tendency of reassuring my surroundings by wearing my old costume, take back my old habbits, or do things that don’t interest me anymore.

No surprise that I don’t feel good. I think that’s why I feel hangover when I come back from a travel. After taking a new space of freedom, after open up my confort zone, I try to wear my old costume. And everyday I force myself to wear it.

The thing is that it doesn’t fit me anymore, it realy doesn’t. Like a dress which I am attached to cause I use to shine with it. I hurt myself by keeping it and trying to wear it again and again. I don’t face the reality that it doesn’t fit me anymore. And by staying focus on it I can’t see the other outfit that might fit me well.

How about you ? How is it like to come home after a trip ?


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