An immersion in Klimt’s world

I remember that from child every time I dived into a painting, I dreamed to be closer to feel it more, to add some dance and music to it. It is now possible…

So touched of Klimt’s art and how it has been honored by the atelier des lumières, an old foundry which have been rehabilitated in a digital art center.

I cried in front of such beauty, being immersed around those paintings moving delicatly with a very good choice of music was an intense and amazing experience.
© Culturespaces / E. Spiller
I felt like entering in Klimt’s world. It touched my whole being, the gold, the light, the delicate lines, the softness of the skins…
« All art is Erotic » he once said, I totaly agree with that… I believe that the creativity just like childbirth comes from our sacred chakra and because art is an act of creation it make sense to be erotic. And when I think back of the retrospective of his paintings, how he started in a very academic way and slowly transcended the techniques to reveal something very sensual and magical.
Being in touch with erotism in the act of creation inspires me a lot.
I warmly recomand you to live this experience.
If you go, you will also dive in to Hundertwasser’s world who I felt like he had a dominant yang energy in his style. He works mainly around the architecture and the human.
© Culturespaces / E. Spiller
and Poetic AI which made a digital performance.
© Culturespaces / E. Spiller

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