The heart-pounding truth

Truth is often not easy, or comfortable.

Truth can make you sweat.
It can make your legs shake, your heart pound.
It can pull the rug of certainty from under your feet.
It can destroy comfort, the status quo.

But it can make you feel alive like nothing else.
It can rip your heart open to love.
It can connect you in ways you never thought possible.

Live your deepest truth today, even if it means losing everything – your pride, your status, your image, your way of life.

For the lies, the half-truths and the burden of unspoken things will eventually suffocate you and everyone around you.

Know that you can only lose what’s non-essential, anyway.

Give up everything
for a truthful existence.

– Jeff Foster


Picture from Pina Baush’s cie – The Rite of Spring

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