About dance improvisation

Whereas some people may imagine, dance improvisation is not dancing however you feel like dancing in the moment.

Though it is not the contrary either.😁

Or at least not for me.

👉Improvisation as I practice it requires a lot of research, free exploration, structures and restrictions.

💁‍♀️But those structures and restrictions are not set in advanced but tailored around the texture and the quality of embodiment I want to explore and deepen.

👉So what I usually do is that I am dancing freely for a while. In a draft way.

👉And each time something interesting is emerging, I underline it.

👌Then I write them down with some metaphoric names or images that can help me remember it like the drank fugitive, the adventurous baby, the watery ether…

Here a video clip I choreographed based on improvisation to give you an idea…

For me what is the most important is not so much to remember the movements or set up a specific vocabulary of moves to play with but to focus on the quality I want to embody and let myself be surprised by the movements it Inspires me.

Some practices that helped me and on what:

– Butoh (Japanese contemporary dance) for its focus on our dark sides and very slow move in the moment.

– Circling and Surrendered Leadership (a relational meditative practice) for one of its principle « staying at the level of sensations »

– Gaga dance (Movement language developped by Ohad Naharin) for its focus on our natural groove

– Contact improvisation for its listening quality

– Freestyle for focusing on being better at what we are not good at to reveal more of what we are good at 🙃

– improvisation (theatre) for its principle of staying open to the others proposition

Hope this article gives you some good tips to play with.

I would be curious to hear yours in comment if you have some! 🙂

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