« Passionate about imagining movements connected to our souls, our authentic expression and subtle energies. »


French with greek roots, born in Orleans in 1985, as long as I can remember I am dreaming dance performances in my head.


I’ve been trained in Ballet for 8 years. I loved the building up of the annual shows, the warmups and the excellence requested for each moves and positions. I wasen’t the best dancers but quickely my teacher who trained Star Dancers in Chile saw my talent for choreography and asked me to create some for the annual shows.

Traditional world Dances and Salsa

I have been part of a traditional world dances company for 6 years with who I trained and gave representations at least Twice a year. I also danced Salsa for 4 years in Fontainebleau and in Paris at Isis Figaro’s school. I remember the fun and powerfull energy of african dances, the ceremonious gestures of the minuet, the sensuality and playfulness of salsa, the joy of the audiance…

Lucie_Baudon-90Cultural mediation and project management

As my dream is to direct a dance company one day, I chosed to study Cultrural mediation and project management. I get a licence in Paris VIII in 2007 and a Master in the Catholique university of Lille in 2009. I remember working for beautiful projects like the scientific festival « Les rencontres de la terre/ Geosynandisis » with Sylvie Gruszow in Athens (Greece), The artistic festival  » Pile au Rendez-vous » in Roubaix (France), the opera show for the business meeting of L’oreal in Kos (Greece), the Flashmob for the music day in Parga where I created a choreography with 10 kids of Parga (Greece), the off season travel offers I imagined for Kanaris Travel in Parga (Greece), the conferences I organised to help scientists and enterpises meet around ecological problematics in Paris..

Contemporary Dance and Butoh

Over the last decade I learned Contemporary Dance in the DTM Studio with Elizabeth Schmidt, at MicaDanse, at « La ménagerie de verre » in Paris, in Athens with Marianna Tdagarakis and Aris Papadopoulos. I also trained in Butoh for more or less for 2 years with Mariana Tsagaraki, Tebby Ramasike and Juju Alishina with regular classes and Workshops.


Reiki, Dance Therapy, Mimmothérapy and Circling 

As my grandmother is a healer, I learned a lot from her and get certified in Reiki level 1 and 2 in 2004. Very interested in finding a wat to dance in a respectfull way, I’ve been trained and certified in dance-therapy in thailand at Samma Karuna In 2014 and in Mimotherapy (a mix of mime and pschomotricity) in Paris with Simone Conein-Gaillard in 2015. In 2016, I discovered an amazing meditative practice called circling which revolutioned my way of thinking dance and choreography. In love with this practice, I traveled to meet practicioners and try different flavors of it in Austin, Oslo, London, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Stockholm, Vasteras, Tallin, Copenhague, and Antwerp. I’ve been certified in 2017 by Circling in Oslo after a 6 month training with John Thompson, Sean Wilkinson and Tina Svingerud.



Contact me for a dance class, a circling session or a collaboration.