Jay Heikes, 2018 Mother Sky

« Clouds in the blue sky,

Disconforts in my chest…

I can not control them, It’s difficult to direct them, but I can follow them and trust them.  I can Let them move at life’s rythm…

…and allow myself to be touched and moved by it. »

Lucie Baudon


About Lucie Baudon

Lucie Baudon is a french artist with greek roots who developped a fascination for organic movement and life’s choreography.

Aside from Dance, Lucie studied science of Information and Communication with a specialisation on Cultural Mediation. She holds a master of cultural, heritage and touristic project management. She worked on various projects in both public and private sector, for art, science, construction and fashion.

In 2010, She had a surprising revelation when she met Butoh (japonese contemporary dance) « embracing the dark side of ourselves can bring more presence and reveal a different kind of beauty. »

​In 2014 after a challenging period, she decided to dedicate her time to explore this revelation and develop this embracing capacity. To develop them, she followed trainings which she resonated with. She has been certified in Reiki, Dance-therapy, Mimmotherapy, Festen and AuthenticRelating. She also practiced different style of dance like gaga dance, contact improv, Kizumba, Butoh and ecstatic dance. And get inspiration watching choreographer’s work like Pina Baush, Akram Khan, Sasha Waltz, Ohad Naharin, Jiri Kilian, Edouard Lock and Hanna Alprin.

In 2016, she met a relational meditation practice which gathered all she was looking for. A practice which helped her to powerfully explore and integrate her dark side and developp presence, aliveness and connections… She get certified by Circling Europe in August 2017. From then she organises and facilitate Circling event and integrated the practice in her dance event and coaching sessions.

In October 2017, she published a cards box called « mes 7 familles bien-être » in collaboration with the illustrator Julie Zeitline and with Jouvence Eddtion. Cards where she shares games and exercices which she used during her events.


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