Meet ourselves through the other

Taking the time to feel what the other tell about us.

What parts of us feels alive in relation with others ?

What if there were an another layer underneath our reactivity ?

What if underneath there were a deep desire to meet ourselves through the other ?

Lately I felt a need to be seen in my capacity of being autonomous.

Once fully present to it I could see how much I actualy needed others, to reveal myself, to support me, to share, to be delighted…

From this place, doing things to be seen as autonomous does’nt make any sense.

About dance improvisation

Whereas some people may imagine, dance improvisation is not dancing however you feel like dancing in the moment. Though it is not the contrary either.😁 Or at least not for me. 👉Improvisation as I practice it requires a lot of research, free exploration, structures and restrictions. 💁‍♀️But those structures and restrictions are not set in…

The heart-pounding truth

Truth is often not easy, or comfortable. Truth can make you sweat. It can make your legs shake, your heart pound. It can pull the rug of certainty from under your feet. It can destroy comfort, the status quo. But it can make you feel alive like nothing else. It can rip your heart open…

Authenticité vs Attachement vu par le dr Gabor Maté

Comme cet homme le dit très bien l’authenticité est un besoin aussi important que l’attachement. Nous avons besoin de manifester ce que l’on est, d’exprimer nos émotions, sans quoi à 25, 30, 40, on se retrouve à plus savoir qui l’on est. On sait même plus ce que l’on ressent. J’ai appris tard dans ma…