Hangover post voyage

en🇬🇧 Je me réveille ce matin avec une profonde lassitude. Persuadée qu’il faut que je fasse des trucs dont je n’ai pas envie que je ne sais même plus ce dont j’ai envie. Alors je prends le temps de me poser la question : De quoi as-tu envie ? Et je me laisse le temps…

The power of authenticity in romantic relationships

I love talking about romantic relationships cause it is the area of my life where I felt the most challenged and where I learned the most.

I feel so gratefull for where I am right now that I want to share what helped me. 

First of all I want to explain what authenticity means for me.

Meet ourselves through the other

Taking the time to feel what the other tell about us.

What parts of us feels alive in relation with others ?

What if there were an another layer underneath our reactivity ?

What if underneath there were a deep desire to meet ourselves through the other ?

Lately I felt a need to be seen in my capacity of being autonomous.

Once fully present to it I could see how much I actualy needed others, to reveal myself, to support me, to share, to be delighted…

From this place, doing things to be seen as autonomous does’nt make any sense.