I facilitate individual and collective Circling sessions, an expressive meditation practice


Circling is a modern meditative practice, originaly invented in the USA in 1990’s by a group of friends at Burning man who experienced alterstates of consciousness together.

« A meditative practice which supports me to soflty explore my highsensitivity and find innerstrengh and balence in my everydaylife. One of the thing I deeply appreciate is that It helps me expressing difficult feelings I can feel around others. Other people I know enjoys feeling a sense of unity and one of my collegue particulary appreciate being accepted in a group even when he is in a bad mood. To me, it’s is a fun and fascinating way to listen our body wisdom, our nature, our relationships with life, others and what genuinely touches us. It’s also a beautiful and humbling way to be with other people’s world, to learn to realy listen and feel closer to our nature. »

Certified in 2017, I am now part of the CircleAnywhere team, an international online platform where a minimum of 8 group sessions are facilitated everyday.

I also give individual sessions – 60 min / 70 euros

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To learn more about circling

Circling’s orgiginaly comes from the US but I’ve been trained by a third movement impulsed by two british integral tennis coaches who practiced daily with eachothers for years. To share what they learned they came up with 5 principles :

  • Commitment to connection
  • Owning your experience
  • staying with the level of sensations
  • trusting experience
  • being with the other in their world

to listen to a talk about it with one of the founder John Thompson :

Later on they came up with a new way of facilitating with the surrendered leadership paradigm.

to listen to a talk about it with one the other fonder Sean Wilkinson :

If you want a more general presentation with its benefits and practitioners testamonies, here a video :

I also like this conversation around authenticity with the 2 founders of CirclingEurope and their American Partner :

If you want to practice Circling with me and other amazing practitioners, I warmly suggest you to try out an introduction workshop on the international online platfome Circleanywhere

And if you tried and believe in its benefit as much as I do, I recommend to take a month commitment so you can practice whenever you want at a very low price.