I am trained to facilitate this modern practice called circling, originaly invented in the USA  by two groups of friends; one at « burning man »who experienced alterstates of consciousness together and an another one who were commited to be honest and loving to eachothers.

I’ve been trained by a third movement impulsed by two british integral tennis coaches who practiced daily with eachothers. To share what they learned they came up with 5 principles :

  • Commitment to connection
  • Owning your experience
  • staying with the level of sensations
  • trusting experience
  • being with the other in their world

for more details click here or there to listen to a talk about it with one of the founder.

Later on they came up with a new way of facilitating with the surrendered leadership paradigm.

Click here to read an article which can give you a good understanding of it or click there to listen to a talk about it with one of the founder

If you want a more general presentation with its benefits and practitioners testamonies, here a video :

I also like this conversation around authenticity with the 2 founders of CirclingEurope and their American Partner :


If you want to practice Circling with me try out the international online platfome Circleanywhere. This is where I started 4 years ago and where I am happy to be on training to become a facilitator now.

I also give individual sessions for those who want private one with me.

– 60 min – 50 euros

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