A relational meditation practice

« Interesting and nourishing experience, good choesion and connexion with other participants, facilitated by Lucie ! »Joran

How it’s like to be you right now ? How it’s like to be you while being in connexion with someone ? With a group ? With the world ?

You might long for more authenticity, depth, aliveness, presence and clarity in your relationships.

It might be challenging for you to honour your needs, boundaries, desires, longings and fear in relation with people you love.

You might often dream of a life where you will be more free.
If this resonates with you and you never tried this practice I warmly recomand it.


Presence – Connection – Intimicy – Aliveness

Circling is a meditative practice of connexion and communication which grown out of a synthesis of knowledge from cutting edge psychology, philosophy and spiritual wisdom.

A simple practice which allows to reveal shadows present on the way of love and clarity between us.

A special sharing moment where magic may arise.

A structure which allows to explore and take the time to feel into the relationships with ourselves, others and the unknown.

The possibility to overcome relationals blocks and deeply relax in a group.

A space where it’s possible to follow where your attention goes naturally and explore where it can lead you.


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This practice blossomed all around the world within a few years. I discovered it 2 years ago and I am happy to facilitate events where I can transmit while continue to explore my relations.


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