Dance of Being


Mouvement – Connexion – Awareness


How is it like to be in your body ? How is your energy like ? how are you relating with the ground, with the space, with others ?

During those workshops, I’ll invite you to explore your organic mouvement in connection with different focus points.

It can be a space where you can :

  • explore and developp presence to your body, emotions and energy.
  • experience different textures, vibrations and colors of Being.
  • take the time to notice your way of being in connexion with others
  • follow what moves you
  • developp your connection with your environment and wider your confort zone.
  • welcome your impulse to control your movements
  • learn to compose with what is in each moment. Wether it is from a particular subject, alone or with a group.

This dance fits to anyone who wants to :

  • deepen his presence
  • developp his body and soul connection
  • deeply connect with others and the environment
  • learn to stay in connection with himself regardless of his emotional states
  • gain self-trust
  • improve his posture and vital energy
  • trust and explore his improvisations skills
  • Be free and spontaneous in his dance

How to move while being present to self, others and the space around ? Which intensity, which speed, which weight gives us alive sensations in each moment ? How to appraciate the simplicity of movement ?

For me, dance is a travel inwards cause I am in touch with what is happening in me and outwards cause I perceive what’s happening around me. When I dance, my attempt is to enter into a dialogue between my inner and my external perspective so I can embrace both of them, show up as I am in connection with my environment and let life move me.

Some testamonies of people who attended my events :

« I have been touched by the visible simplicity in the way Lucie allowed us to be ourselves in contact with each others with innocence, warmth and kindness. I left light, happy with the desire of coming back to an another event. » Emma Marechal, Yoga instructor

« There is a beautiful energy which circulate during Lucie’s class. I feel in good hand, It’s possible to relax while working on body and spirit. I go out of the class relaxed and light ! » Marion Fourré, chief project manager of Communication

« I warmly recomand this class which is a true break of sports and well-being. Each class is different, each time Lucie takes us to a body and spirit journey rich of discoveries. » Julia Dupouy Varagnac, architect designer

« Lucie’s class, it is relaxation, warmups, creativity and an amazing way of getting to know yourself. So when Lucie asked us to express sadness with our movements, I realised that I kept on smiling… And this smile didn’t represent my good mood but a mask so noone can see my sadness ! BOOM  » Antonia Eraud, artist, therapist and coach

« In a soft and welcoming structure, this workshop allows to reestablished a close listening to your own body and invite to come back to yourself. A good place to explore your senses and emotions. It facilitate also communication and contact through original and fun exercices. » Fanny Coculo, psychologist

« Thanks to Lucie and her energy, I opened up to myself, my body, my emotions and my creativity. I could let go with trust and I learned that by simply being myself I could create something beautiful. I discovered there my potential to dance, improvisation and found out a lot of inspiration. » Elise Lasne, Festen Facilitator

Next workshop :

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