Hi and welcome to I âme world (âme means soul in French), my name is Lucie Baudon i am a dancer passionate about developing improvisation and presence skills, revealing our interconnectivity and unconscious movement and following life’s choreography.

During my events, classes, workshops and coaching session my intention is to support, inspire and offer ressources for people who wants to fall in love with being alive.

The desire to create deep and loving connections

For the story I started to create this website at a challenging period of my life where I felt burnedout, lonely and missunderstood. During this period I was craving for deeper and more meaningful connections and because I don’t like to complain in loop I decided to create some structures for that and learn from coachs, therapists and artists who inspired me.

Structures to support your relation with yourself

Wether it is with dance, circling or private sessions, I love to support people in getting in tune with themselves, help them wider their awareness, and rest in their deepest truth.

Some key moments

• In 2010, I had a surprising revelation when I met Butoh (japonese contemporary dance) « embracing the dark side of ourselves can bring more presence and reveal a different kind of beauty. »

• In 2014 after a painful burnout period, I decided to dedicate my time to explore this last revelation and develop this embracing capacity. To develop them, I followed trainings which I resonated with. I have been certified in Reiki, Dance-therapy, Mimmotherapy, Festen and AuthenticRelating. I also practiced different style of dance like gaga dance, contact improv, Kizumba, Butoh and ecstatic dance. And get inspiration watching choreographer’s work like Pina Baush, Akram Khan, Sasha Waltz, Ohad Naharin, Jiri Kilian, Edouard Lock and Hanna Alprin.

• In 2016, I met a relational meditation practice which gathered all I was looking for. A practice which helped me to powerfully explore and integrate my dark side and developp presence, aliveness and connections… I get certified by Circling Europe in August 2017. From then I organise and facilitate Circling event and integrated my practice in my dance event and coaching sessions.

• In October 2017, I published a cards box called « mes 7 familles bien-être » in collaboration with the illustrator Julie Zeitline and with Jouvence Eddtion. Cards where we share games and exercices which I used during my workshops.

On this website you may find :

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Lucie Baudon