I love to support others willing to embrace their lights & shadows and lead their life close to their souls and core values. Each meeting is an opportunity for me to grow and dive deeper in big life’s mystery.

Oracle Card’s reading, Circling, dance of being and Reiki are practices dear to me which I like to use during my sessions according to what i feel that will supported you the most.

Oracle Card’s reading


I falled in love with this particular game 15 years ago and till then I regularly propose a reading to friends. NB : For the specialists of this game, I create my own style intuitively, so my way of reading it might surprise you.This is not about reading the future. I would be very uncomfortable with that. It looks more like a conversation about what is alive now (which can be in the past or in a possible future) with the support of the cards. I love it cause It structures a sacred and intimate moment where our worlds mix together and channel a dharma, a new perspective, a new inquiry, a philosophical conversation, a new self-disvovery, a celebration, a guidance, a joke, an awkward silence, a no idea what it means …

Energetical session / Reiki


My relation with energy has been the most important in my life. I started to explore it very young as my  grandmother who is an artist and energetic healer sensitized and initiated me to it. Certified in Reiki 10 years ago, it gave me a structure to deepen my exploration and tune in with people around me. Being attentive to it transformed me. I believe that we are all interconnected and it is from this awareness that I like to explore our connections, trust it and let the transformation happen at its organic time.

If you are interesting to have a session with me, send me a message to make sure that it can be a fit for what you want or need.

70 euros/hour

Those sessions are on skype but It can be on live if you happen to be in the same city I am in.

❤️ Lucie