The heart-pounding truth

Truth is often not easy, or comfortable. Truth can make you sweat. It can make your legs shake, your heart pound. It can pull the rug of certainty from under your feet. It can destroy comfort, the status quo. But it can make you feel alive like nothing else. It can rip your heart open…

I want to take the time to feel

Give me fear,
Give me frustration,
Let me grave 
Let me feel the fear which I sens deep inside of me,
Let me feel my unfulfilled desire,

Une immersion dans le monde de Klimt

Depuis que je suis petite, à chaque fois que je plonge dans un tableau je rêve d’être plus proche, de le sentir plus, d’ajouter de la danse et de la musique. C’est aujourd’hui possible…

An immersion in Klimt’s world

🇫🇷 I remember that from child every time I dived into a painting, I dreamed to be closer to feel it more, to add some dance and music to it. It is now possible…